Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Link is Posted Mostly to Remind Me of Where to Go With Questions Like This (And I Make My First Horror Movie Reference in over Six Months)

This is what's been on my mind a lot lately:

Whether to buy property or to continue renting.

A stressful but fun conundrum. Plus, I get to use all sorts of quirky economic calculators. Bad-case scenario: become a living version of the The Money Pit, only I don't have anywhere near the liquidity for Danny Aiello to bail my ass out. Best-case scenario: a nice looking place like the one in Poltergeist, but without the graveyard foundation and demonic spirits. Here's the problems. With buying, I can't help but think that something unforseen will rise to the surface and wreak havoc. Not ghosts or flying furniture, but water heaters that explode or a roof that was weaker than it appeared. On renting: I don't believe I have to answer to some outdated stereotype of being an "adult" by owning property. Also, if I'd been an "adult" and bought property a couple of years ago like many advised I should, I'd be rather up the crapper now financially. Renting is safer and more mobile, but it's also shitty. I'm tired of having so much of my environment out of my control. I'm tired of not being able to truly and totally work on my own space. I do want my own house just to have it be my own and make it into a home. I just don't want it to haunt me in the real and imagined sense.

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