Sunday, February 21, 2010

Next Set of Digs (and Drinks)

I will have a new website opening soon. There will material from here as well as professional, portfolio-style things. If you've actually read my writing here, I thank you, and I hope that I will give you more to read at the new website. I may be contributing here still. I'll let you know. There's a bit more freedom here and less expectation. I can post a link to my writing about Unintentional Porn (on the sidebar to the right) without thinking, "I wonder if a potential employer might look negatively on that." In this place, I can think & write without an additional layer of second guessing. Plus, I made it my mission four years ago (yes, this blog has been around that long) for this to be the dive bar of blogs. My independent press to be read with a cheap beer. I still like that idea, but I've also developed a taste for a fine IPA. So while cheap beer is an important accessory to life, it's okay to order a bottle of the more sophisticated stuff once in a while.

These words make it sound like closing time. Maybe it is. Working the job search while day caring for my two children (ages two and 0.5) has taken most of my time from me. It's a stretch to devote the time I need to putting together something even remotely post-able. So maybe it's better to have all my shit, ahem, stuff (sorry, potential employers) in one spot and make it look nice. It's one more thing to show those who can give me salary.

But, as I know too well, I greatly value my freedom. So, if you are truly one of the precious few folk who actually read these cheap beer thoughts of mine, don't stop looking for me here unless I tell you to. And please do go to the new website when it's up. Look for it within the next week or so. I'm thinking of it as an expansion of my blog bar menu. Hopefully you'll have some draught writing to look at and maybe even a little something from the top shelf. Finally, I thank you for reading anything I've written. I'm lucky to have any audience at all. I hope you come back for another round.

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